Missouris Most Trusted Source for Medical Cannabis.


At The Wholesome Bud Company, we seek to provide safe, high-quality cannabis from cultivation to dispensary. We locally grow what we dispense, which means you can have full confidence in our products. Have a look around at our website. Let us know how we can help.


Patient-First Approach

At The Wholesome Bud Company we will always put the patient and their care first.

Our Commitment

  • Accessibility, Accountability, Transparency

  • Compassionate Pricing

  • Education-First Approach

What’s New?

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Our Practice

We provide the highest quality of medical marijuana to patients in Missouri. We cultivate what we sell, so we are confident in the health and safety of our products.


At The Wholesome Bud Company, we work hard to make sure you know what product you’re getting and why you’re getting that product. Professional, consistent service is what we do.


Accessibility, Accountability, Transparency.

You don’t have to guess about what you’re getting when you purchase from The Wholesome Bud Company. All of our products are grown, harvested, and stored with best practices in place. See how satisfied our clients are with our services.